Gravelight Variations

Just thought about the whereabouts
of my body after death.

Do I want to be buried in an oaken coffin?
At a conventional cementary?

To be eaten by worms?
Down there in dank ground?

Do I want to be frozen instead?
As a cryopreserved patient?

Or cryotechnically granulated and freeze-dried
In order to protect the environment?

What about
Being reduced to ashes?

Be buried in an urn grave?
Under a tree? Or a reef?

Better yet:
Remains scattered?

Somewhere over the mountains?
Over the sky? Out there in space?

Or do I want to be sustainably recomposed
In order to minimize CO2 emissions?

Or rather be immortalized as a diamond?
A diamond on the finger of my love.

For being forgotten once upon a time
On any old toilet table.

© J|R 2005/2020


Aufnahmedatum: 30.12.2005
Kamera: Casio EXILIM EX-Z4


Grab von Heinrich Heine mit Grabspruch "Wo?"

Der Friedhof verändert sich
n-tv-Fotoserie vom November 2012